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Alumni around the world

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Name Current sector Current position Contact
Adler, Dipl. Ing. Agr. Jens International Organisations Project Manager jens.adler(at)
Amersdorffer, Mr. Florian International Organisations Head of Project
Angelova, Dr. rer. pol. Denitsa Academia Senior Researcher denitsa.angelova(at)
Bavorova, Dr. Miroslava Academia Associate Professor bavorova(at)
Boevsky, Dr. Ivan Academia Professor ivan.boevsky(at)
Bojnec, Dr. Stefan Academia Head of Department of Economics, Professor of Economics stefan.bojnec(at)
Bokusheva, Prof. Dr. Raushan Academia Head of Agricultural and Resource Economics Research Group boku(at)
Buchenrieder, Prof. Dr. Gertrud Academia Professor for Development Economics and Politics gertrud.buchenrieder(at)
Carter, Prof. Dr. Michael Academia Professor mrcarter(at)
Castro Campos, Dr. Bente Academia Researcher bente.castro-campos(at)
Cechura, Mr. Lukas Academia Professor cechura(at)
Curtiss, Dr. Jarmila Academia Lecturer, Researcher, Research Fellow curtiss(at)
Dai, Dr. Xiaowen Academia Assistant Professor daixiaowen(at)
Dibrova, Dr. Anatoliy Academia Professor, Head of Faculty of Economics dibrova(at)
Faramarzi, Dr. Monireh Academia Associate Professor faramarz(at)
Fritzsch, Dr. Jana Public Administration Head of Department jana.fritzsch(at)
Frohberg, Prof. Dr. Klaus in Retirement frohberg(at)
Gao, Dr. Xin Academia Postdoc gaoxinhzau(at)
Ghoshray, Prof. Dr. Atanu Academia Professor of Economics atanu.ghoshray(at)
Gjokaj, Dr. Ekrem NGO/Society Associate Professor, Chief Executive Officer ekrem.gjokaj(at)
Grings, Prof. Dr. Michael Academia Professor for Agricultural Market Theory, in Retirement michael.grings(at)
Hanf, Prof. Dr. habil. Jon Henrich Academia Professor for International Marketing Management Jon.Hanf(at)
Happe, Dr. Kathrin Academia
Hasenkamp, Dr. phil. Miao-Ling Academia Senior Fellow of the Female Professor-Program III miao-ling.hasenkamp(at)
Heidelbach, Dr. Olaf International Organisations Team Leader olaf.heidelbach(at)
Heigermoser, Dr. Maximilian Business Method- and Product Manager Maximilian.Heigermoser(at)
Heinrich, Mr. Florian Academia Researcher florian.heinrich(at)
Hofman, Dr. Irna Academia Research Associate irna.hofman(at)
Iliopoulos, Dr. Constantine Academia Institute Director iliopoulosC(at)
Ilyasov, Mr. Jarilkasin International Organisations Senior Research Analyst j.ilyasov(at)
Imami, Prof. Assoc. Dr. Drini Academia Associate Professor dimami(at)
Jia, Dr. Lili Academia Senior Research Associate in Incentivising Sustainability l.jia(at)
Juvančič, Ass. Prof. Dr. Luka Academia Associate Professor luka.juvancic(at)
Kabirigi, Dr. Michel Academia Postdoc, Researcher mkabirigi(at)
Keskin, Dr. Gülşen Academia Associate Professor gulsen.keskin(at)
Kloss, Dr. Mathias Public Administration Head of Risk Management and Insurance mathias.kloss(at)
Klümper, Dr. Frederike NGO/Society Team Leader frederike.kluemper(at)
Kong, Prof. Dr. Rong Academia Professor kr1996(at)
Kryszak, Dr. Łukasz Academia Assistant Professor lukasz.kryszak(at)
Langhammer, Prof. Dr. Rolf Academia Head of Research Group rolf.langhammer(at)
Li, Dr. Xiaozhong Academia Associate Professor lee(at)
Lissitsa, Dr. rer. agr. Alex Business Chief Executive Officer a.lissitsa(at)
Lobianco, Mr. Antonello Academia Research Engineer antonello.lobianco(at)
Loos, Ms. Katharina Public Administration Library management loos(at)
Loy, Prof. Dr. Jens-Peter Academia Head of Department of Agricultural Market Analysis, Professor, Director jploy(at)
Malchar-Michalska, Dr. hab. Ing. Dominika Academia Associate Professor dmalchar(at)
Mewes, Mrs. Gabriele in Retirement mewesdgk(at)
Miao, Ms. Lijuan Academia Associate Professor miaolijuan1111(at)
Moritz, Dr. Laura Academia Postdoc laura-moritz(at)
Mukhamedova, Dr. Nozilakhon Academia Senior Researcher, Projector Coordinator Nozila.Mukhamedova(at)
Mykhailov, Prof. Dr. Andrii Business Advisor, Doctor of Economics, Head of the Management Department amykhaylov79(at)
Oshakbayev, Mr. Dauren Business Independent Consultant dauren(at)
Parkhomenko, Dr. Sergiy Business Senior Underwriter sergiy.parkhomenko(at)
Petrick, Prof. Dr. Martin Academia Professor of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Martin.petrick(at)
Piras, Dr. Simone Academia Senior Agricultural/Rural Economist simone.piras(at)
Prishchepov, Dr. Alexander Academia Associate Professor alpr(at)
Rama, Dr. Klodjan International Organisations Advisor klodjan.rama(at)
Renner, Dr. rer. pol. Swetlana Academia Research Associate swetlana.renner(at)
Riabtsun, Mr. Heorhii Business Junior Manager of Export Department
Rizov, Dr. Marian Academia Professor of Economics mrizov(at)
Rommel, Mr. Jens Academia Researcher, Associate Professor jens.rommel(at)
Schulze, Doz. Dr. agr. habil. Eberhard NGO/Society in Retirement, Head of Project eberhard.schulze(at)
Sheresheva, Dr. Marina Academia Head of the Laboratory for Institutional Analysis, Director of the Research Center for Network Economy, Editor-in-Chief of the BRICS Journal of Economics, Professor m.sheresheva(at)
Slaston, Mr. Roman Business Director General slaston(at)
Smutna, Dr. Zdenka Academia Assistant Professor zdenka.smutna(at)
Sroka, Dr. Wojciech Academia Associate Professor wojciech.sroka(at)
Takun, Dr. Anatoli Academia Head of Department atakun(at)
Tang, Dr. Liqun Academia Postdoc luckytlq(at)
Tillack, Prof. Dr. Peter NGO/Society in Retirement petertillack(at)
Van Assche, Prof. Dr. Kristof Academia Professor Planning, Governance and Development vanassch(at)
Visser, Dr. Oane Academia Associate Professor visser(at)
Waldhof, Dr. Gabi Academia Postdoc gabi.waldhof(at)
Wandel, Dr. habil. Jürgen Academia Head of Department, Director, Professor jwande(at)
Wegener, Dr. Stefan Business Economist
Wei, Dr. Yanbing Academia weiyanbing(at)
Wei Huang, Dr. Vivian Academia Researcher at the Department of Economics wei.huang(at)
Weingarten, Prof. Dr. Peter Academia Institute Director peter.weingarten(at)
Wen, Dr. Lanjiao Academia Associate Professor wenlanjiao(at)
Wolz, Dr. Axel in Retirement axel.wolz(at)
Yin, Dr. Fang Academia Assistant Professor yinf_simlab(at)
You, Dr. Liangzhi International Organisations Senior Research Fellow L.YOU(at)
Zaric, Dr. sc. agr. Dr. ecc. Vlade Academia Head of Chair of Finance and Business Operations, Professor vzaric(at)
Zhan, Dr. Peng Academia Associate Research Fellow zhan(at)
Zhang, Dr. Minghui Academia sherlock_world(at)
Zhang, Prof. Shemei Academia Department Dean zhangshemei(at)
Zinych, Dr. Nataliya Business Corporate Affairs Manager zinychnataliya(at)