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IAMO Alumni Talk – Podcast

The IAMO Alumni Podcast has been developed in the context of the promotion of young researchers and focuses on the subject of career planning and development. The discussions are usually conducted by a PhD student of the institute. The podcast aims to make career paths of former and current IAMO researchers visible and to introduce professional areas within and outside the academic sector.

1. episode

The talk will focus on the planning and predictability of career paths, on differences between the German and Chinese higher education systems and on a very special challenge: learning the German language.

Speakers: Lijuan Miao and Daniela Peña Guerrero

2. episode

Discussion about planned and not so planned career paths, about promotion at IAMO as well as about challenges and opportunities of an academic education that should prepare the candidates also for a job market outside research. Important soft skills and perspectives of foreign scientists are also discussed.

Speakers: Henriette Hanf, Klodjan Rama and Janine Läpple

3. episode

Discussion about the challenge of balancing strategic career and family planning, the need to always have a plan B and the immense importance of having your own academic network.

Speakers: Thomas Herzfeld and Laura Moritz

4. episode

The talk highlights how vital it is to establish and maintain new contacts and how significant these connections are for personal research projects. In addition, the benefits and challenges of working in two countries at the same time are considered.

Speakers: Jarmila Curtiss and Fady Marcous

5. episode

Reflection on what the daily work routine in research requires and what the frequent change of location, both at national and international level, means. Furthermore, working in academic research and in the European Commission will be compared.

Speakers: Peter Voigt and Fady Marcous

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