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Prize of the Alumni IAMO e.V.

With this award, the IAMO Alumni Association recognizes outstanding achievements of staff members and scholarship holders, but also special services to the community and the further development of IAMO. The prize may be awarded once per calendar year and is endowed with 250 Euros.

Extract from the nomination: “We believe her actions have greatly contributed to the development of IAMO. Her dedication helps create togetherness and connection between colleagues and enhances IAMO as an approachable institution. With her commitment to supporting doctoral researchers, she definitely goes far and beyond her ordinary work tasks. For example, Franziska selflessly leads collective initiatives intended to advance the functioning of IAMO, improving the status quo for all our colleagues.”

Extract from the laudatory speech: “In the current difficult and certainly desperate situation in Ukraine, our Ukrainian colleagues (Inna and Vasyl) in Halle have bundled the Ukraine commitment at IAMO and given it a face. Donations in kind and money were collected, accommodation was offered and arranged, visits to the authorities were accompanied, and much more. This has expressed a living solidarity, a togetherness between Ukrainian and German colleagues, and great cohesion in these difficult times.”

Extract from the laudatory speech: “The PhD council has institutionalized the advocacy for the interests and rights of the PHD students at the institute and at the same time promotes exchange amongst all PHD students beyond departments.”

Extract from the laudatory speech: Jerry is not only a knowledgeable colleague but also a very fine person to communicate with. He organises quite a number of social activities outside of the academic life, e.g. excursions or Chinese New Year festivals. His special interest is devoted to the integration of newly arrived Chinese colleagues at IAMO and daily life in Halle.”

Guidelines for the selection and awarding

The rules were proposed to the Annual General Meeting on 25 September 2020 and adopted on 4 January 2021. It shall enter into force on that date.

Target group/potential laureates

The prize is awarded to individuals or groups with outstanding achievements and activities for the further development of IAMO, special merits for the creation of a respectful and appreciative climate between the departments and/or special merits for the visibility of the institute in policy arena and society.


The right of nomination lies with the members of Alumni IAMO e.V. and all employees of the institute.

Proposals for an award can be submitted to the management of the association at any time with a statement of reasons (maximum one A4 page). In accordance with the objectives of the association as set out in its statutes, the outstanding achievements and merits must promote the development of IAMO, the co-operation of the staff or the connection between former and current employees and must go beyond ordinary work duties.


The selection of those to be honoured shall be prepared by a selection committee appointed by the executive board. The selection committee shall consist of three persons, at least two of whom shall be members of the association and at least one of whom shall be an active member of the institute. The members of the selection committee are appointed for 4 years. Reappointment is possible.

The executive board sends the proposals received to the board for information and then sends the application documents to the selection committee for assessment and to prepare a short statement of reasons for the decision for the board.

Based on the proposal of the selection committee, the executive board decides on the final selection of those to be honoured.

Award ceremony

The ceremonial presentation of the award will be made by the chairperson in conjunction with a certificate at the IAMO Forum or, if this is not possible, on other suitable occasions.